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About Sepsis

Sepsis is a serious medical condition that is caused by a systemic immune response to an infection in the blood stream. If not rapidly treated, the infection can lead to septic shock. Septic shock is a form of shock that falls under the category of ‘distributive shock’ as it leads to a decrease in overall blood pressure due to widespread vasodilation throughout the entire body. The decrease in blood pressure leads to decrease in oxygenation of tissues that results from the inflammatory response. Lack of oxygenation to the tissues will lead to cell damage and eventually organ failure as they are deprived of the nutrients they need for...

In this ECG video, we review the characteristics of ventricular fibrillation or Vfib.

Beck's Triad

This video reviews the three components of Beck's Triad: low blood pressure, distended neck veins, and muffled heart tones. These components should lead you to suspect cardiac tamponade.

Cardiac Tamponade

This EMTprep video reviews how to take and record a SAMPLE medical history.

This video provides a brief overview of what is happening on the cellular level when someone is experiencing anaphylaxis. We also go over what to look for when you respond to someone who is experiencing this life-threatening disorder.

In this video, we look at the 8 steps to interpreting 12-lead ECGs.

We review a STEMI case involving an anterolateral MI. Watch as we walk through the 8 steps to interpreting a 12-lead ECG, then go over our findings with us.

This EMTprep Education Segment reviews Le Fort Fractures and how they're classified. Knowing this information can help you on test questions and in the field when you hear someone refer to it or if you run across a patient suffering from these type of injuries.

This video will walk you through the basics of pitting edema and how to grade it during the patient assessment.

Understanding Pitting Edema

Brush up on the basics or learn them for the first time We draw out a simple capnogram for you and go over each aspect of it.