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Designed for instructors, employers, and any purchases of 5 or more memberships to EMTprep.com.

How it works

The best way to get your students test ready
Invite students

Students receive an email invitation to join EMTprep.com. Once they join, they’ll get access to the entire EMTprep program instantly.

Set student goals

Set goals for total study time or number of questions answered.

Track student progress

View details for each student’s scores, total study time, and achievements right from the dashboard.


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Using a purchase order or have any questions? Contact us at groups@emtprep.com
Do you take Purchase Orders?
Yes, send us an email at groups@emtprep.com with how many memberships you would like to buy at what length. We will send you a quote and once it is approved on your end, send us the copy of the purchase order and we will add the memberships to your group account.
Can I add another instructor to my account?
Yes, you can add as many admins or instructors to your account as you need.
Do I have access to my student's scores?
Yes. As the group owner, instructor or admin, you will be able to access how many questions they've answered, their average scores in each NREMT focus area, as well as time spent studying on EMTprep.
Can I set goals for my students?
You're able to assign goals based on time studied or questions answered.
Can I purchase more memberships from my account?
Yes, go to your memberships page and you can purchase more membership at our bulk discount rate directly from your account.
I never received a receipt, can you send me one?
Absolutely, go to the 'Payment History' on your account and you can view your receipt information from there. If anything other format is needed, don't hesitate to reach out to us at groups@emtprep.com.

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