Multi-stage review process

Our questions go through a thorough review process so you get the best NREMT test questions available anywhere.

The Life of a Question

The best NREMT practice questions available
Identify the need

Our writers continuously review existing questions and NREMT standards and changes. When a need is identified the writing process begins.

Assign a writer

Our questions and other content are assigned based on the writer's scope, areas of expertise, and experience. All of our content is created by professional EMS Instructors and providers across all levels.

Exceed NEMSES standards

Our questions are written to exceed National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards (NEMSES). All levels of questions go beyond NEMSES standards by addressing each of these criteria:

  1. Difficulty level. Difficulty levels ranging from 1-5 are assigned to each piece of content. 1 being a low level of difficulty and 5 being a high-level of difficulty.
  2. Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom's levels are assigned based on the learning objectives and foundational knowledge required to answer the question.
  3. Focus area. Our questions are broken down into the same five focus areas that the NREMT assigns their questions:
    • Airway, Respiration, & Ventilation
    • Cardiology & Resuscitation
    • Medical, Obstetrics, & Gynecology
    • Trauma
    • EMS Operations
  4. Sub-category. We assign a sub-category to identify larger areas within a Focus area that the student is both weak and strong in.
  5. Topic. Topics are where we further drill down into sub-categories to show at the granular level where students need to spend their study time.
  6. Answer rationale. At the conclusion of every quiz and exam is an answer rationale that outlines why the answers are correct and/or incorrect.
  7. Video rationale. Industry-exclusive video content providing students a walk-through of how to tackle each question.
Question review: First pass

During first review questions are assessed for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and overall quality by our internal content team.

Question review: Second pass

During the second review stage, questions will undergo an intensive review by a select group of EMS instructors, students, and providers.

Question review: Final review and approval

We’re not finished yet. If a question has made it this far, it must still meet final approval by our overhead team and medical director. If it doesn’t pass muster for any reason it goes back to the first step.

Published to EMTprep

After undergoing three reviews the question is finally ready to go live to the EMTprep website. This comprehensive process ensures you get the best questions available to study for the NREMT.

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