What Makes EMTprep the Best Study Tool for the NREMT

Studying for the NREMT exam can be daunting and overwhelming. Find out how EMTprep can you help you fit study time into your schedule you didn’t know you had!. By the end of your course, you have learned a great deal of information in a relatively short period of time, and now you will be tested at a national level on this information. Additionally, besides simply wanting a passing mark, the goal is to ultimately to become a knowledgeable and effective EMS professional in the field. Passing the written (or even practical) exam is a helpful indication that we have at least the necessary base level of knowledge to be released into the field, however, passing the NREMT exam should really be the launching point for our careers, not our ultimate goal. Naturally, you may be asking, “How can I best study and prepare for the NREMT exam?”

There are a multitude of tools that provide hope for success in the exam, so how do we know which tools to use and spend our money on? EMTprep is one resource that actually guarantees success and is willing to “work with you until you pass.” This is an attractive draw when choosing where to spend your time and money.

Besides guaranteeing success, though, it is important to understand what it is exactly that makes EMTprep a helpful resource. This website offers a wide variety of study tools that help virtually every kind of learner. Truth be told all of the tools should be used by each student in order to point out strengths and weaknesses, so that they can best decide where additional time and energy should be spent when studying. There are videos for those who are more visual or auditory learners (or kinesthetic, if you want to follow along on your own), articles and flashcards for those who prefer reading, and multiple study guides for those who tend to learn best when writing. Another feature that proves to be helpful when studying for any written or multiple-choice exam is practice tests, of which EMTprep has many. Practice exams are helpful in preparing the student for how the NREMT exam is structured, and therefore what to expect when walking into the exam. We have a free practice quiz for every level on our homepage that you are able to take, see your score and review your answers. The NREMT exam is different from many other tests in that there are often multiple answers that could be considered correct, however, there is always one best answer. This can be a difficult concept for many students when taking the exam, which is why using EMTprep to study and practice taking the exam is extremely helpful and can drastically increase one’s odds of passing the exam. If you aren’t sure the way you learn best or would like to learn more about what you can do to capitalize on your internal strengths and weaknesses, click HERE

One question we get a lot of is, “When should I register for an EMTprep account?”

The answer is roughly one month before your exam. It is no secret that cramming for an exam, while it may allow a student to pass, is not at all beneficial in allowing a student to retain the information learned or studied. EMTprep allows students to study information based on specific focus areas that are broken down into smaller sub-categories. EMTprep.com is truly one of the most comprehensive websites when it comes to its range of tools and resources available in one place. The goal of this site is to support students in their preparation for the exam as well as provide free training for career EMS professionals. This is just the tip of the iceberg, visit this link HERE to learn more.