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We want you to be able to study anytime and anywhere you’d like. We’ve tailored our materials for both desktop and mobile platforms.

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While you take our practice tests you’ll also be able to track your progress. Our database scores and grades your quizzes instantly, (by subject) to maximize your learning and preparation for the NREMT.

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At EMTprep, we have the web’s best content to help you prepare for your NREMT exam. We believe in our product and we believe in you! That’s why we offer each student our 100% Pass Guarantee. We’re committed to your success, and will work with you until you pass.


Snapshot is a unique new way to expose your weak areas so you can focus your study time where it is needed the most. Once you login, Snapshot gives you an overview of your overall performance and reminds you how much time you have left until your exam.

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Answer Rationales

Our question rationales go beyond telling you an answer is wrong by helping you understand why an answer is correct. This further cements the information you receive during your study efforts and sets you up for success on test day.

Video Rationales

Our video rationales are provided on a portion of our questions, and further help you understand processes and techniques that will be tested on the NREMT exam.