The Best Materials to Study for the NREMT Test

Studying for any exam often brings up a lot of stress for the test-taker. So how do we alleviate some of this stress? Careful study and preparation is the most promising answer. However, there are thousands of study tools and multiple websites out there that promise results, so the question becomes: “Which study materials will work the best for me?” Discover how EMTprep can help you overcome your test anxiety now.

Various types of learners tend to prefer different study methods. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing are four categories of learners, and we typically fall into one or two of these categories based on our preferred style of learning (, 2018). One website offers tools for each style of learner all in one place: Creating an account with EMTprep offers students opportunities to study with flash cards, study guides, video tutorials and rationales, and practice exams; all of which cater to the needs of each type of learner. Want to learn more about the types of learners that are out there, click HERE

Regardless of which “type” of learner you may consider yourself to be, there are general suggestions for ways students can maximize their study time. The Oxford Learning website suggests “getting organized” as a good starting place (, 2018). It also gives tips like “study in short bursts” and “simplify study notes” (, 2018). These kinds of tips seem so simple and straight forward. Yet when students sit down and try to implement these study tips, it can be hard to figure out what “getting organized” truly looks like, or how one goes about “simplifying study notes.” This is another reason why EMTprep is so helpful. This website has its materials organized by subject as well as the method of study (flashcards, study guides, practice exams, etc.), which means each student can study the exact material they feel would be most beneficial. EMTprep also allows students to study on-the-go and for any length of time, so that students can study during short bouts of downtime instead of scrolling through social media feeds or playing games to pass the time. All these short bouts of study throughout the day can add up and lead to a dramatic improvement on test scores.

Not surprisingly, using one’s own notes from class and the textbook is another extremely helpful study tool. The textbook and workbooks provided in class, and especially the notes one takes while reading the test or working through workbooks are often the best material to use to study for the exam. Using the material provided in class on a daily basis encourages a student to take ownership of the information, which will hopefully lead to retention of said information. However, it is helpful at the end of a course to have consolidated material that helps one overview all of the information learned in a course and help focus students’ attention on weak areas, or topics that might be emphasized in the NREMT exam. This is where EMTprep is helpful. The content of this website is specifically designed to mimic the style and content of questions asked on the exam. Therefore, while the best way to learn is to read and review content presented in one’s course, using an outside source like EMTprep can then show test candidates where their strengths and weaknesses are, and help them fill in the gaps of their education. For more information about how the NREMT sets up its tests, click HERE.

We at would be leading you astray if we sold ourselves as “The All In One” NREMT test preparation product. We highly recommend that all of our students utilize their textbooks and class notes. Those are invaluable resources. We feel that an membership is the absolute best way to SUPPLEMENT your studying. Often times students will find that there is more information out there than what they received in their classroom lectures. That is where an membership can help supplement those gaps in their education. We commonly receive emails that state, “I didn’t know that this was even included in my (EMT, EMR, AEMT, or Paramedic) education.” Our recommendation for people when they find something completely new, is to look up the topic in a textbook and write down 5-10 bullet points. Rendering down this information to 5-10 important bullet points can help remind you of key concepts when questions pop up regarding various aspects of that topic.