NREMT Testing Tips

EMTprep Staff Updated Feb 16, 2017

Every EMS professional has experienced one similar achievement: passing the NREMT. Are you currently studying to take the NREMT? Have you attempted to take the exam and not passed? If so, we’re going to get you on the right track to help you succeed. At EMTprep, we receive numerous questions about the test itself, study tips, and testing tips. We decided to put together a few testing tips for you to help ease the nerves and pass this test… the first time

Always choose the best answer.

On the NREMT, you may be surprised to find more than one correct answer to questions throughout the entire exam. There may be situations where multiple answer choices seem correct; however, you want to choose the best answer for the scenario present. Which choice both answers the question and gives the patient the best care? When working through the question, you must choose the answer that comes first on the NREMT skill sheet. That is always the most correct answer. 

Only use the information presented to you to select your answer. 

Don’t over-analyze the scenario. Only use the information you see and read to choose the best answer. Making extra assumptions can lead you down the wrong path. Do your best to leave any emotions out when selecting an answer.

Read the whole question and every answer choice. 

You’ve heard this thousands of times throughout your education… “Students, read the entire question and all the answers. Choose the best answer and try your best.” However, here at EMTprep, we cannot stress this enough. The NREMT is full of tricks and we want you to catch them. Read every single word of the question, figure out what they’re asking, then make your selection. Remember, once you click “next,” there’s no going back. We want you to pass the first time!

Comprehend the material so you can apply it!

This test won’t be a matter of recalling a definition or finishing a simple statement. There won’t be any sort of matching or anything relatively easy. The types of questions asked will test you on how well you can apply the information you know. What would your first immediate action be to help your patient? Based on these symptoms, what do you think is wrong with the patient? These are the questions you will be asked. Remember, you have to be able to comprehend the material before you can apply it. It’s not a matter of memorization, which is why cramming will not work for this exam. Study hard!

Relax. Be comfortable. Feel confident. 

We know this is a stressful test you are preparing for. However, don’t panic! Don’t let yourself freak out. If you read a question and don’t immediately know the answer, read the question again. If you don’t know the answer or the scenario is confusing, simply break it down. What’s the situation? What are the patient’s signs or symptoms? What is being asked of you to answer or identify? Figure out the pieces to the puzzle before you solve it. Once you understand exactly what is being asked, then select your answer. Confidence and proper preparation for this exam are crucial to your success. 

This test is hard, but it’s supposed to be. The EMS field is full of talented, intelligent, and successful people. We want you to be one of them! With the right amount of studying the right material, you can pass this. The more you prepare, the easier the testing process will be.