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“I started to get into the world of EMS after having very close friends who are employed at various Fire Department’s around the area where I currently live. So I decided that in the spring/summer of 2014 that I will attend EMT-Basic school. Class was great and at times it was difficult. Towards the end of class they revealed the so-called “horror” stories of the NREMT exam and shared a few ideas on how to stay calm through the exam. After successfully completing the EMT program I quickly scheduled and took my first NREMT exam. Long story short, I failed miserably.

After that I told myself that maybe this career choice is not for me. Seven months later, after talking to a few great people in my life, I decided that I should not let the money that I spent for EMT school go to waste. So I decided to take about 3 weeks off of school and study for the NREMT exam. I purchased a 30 day plan on the EMTPrep.com website and went to work. I took quiz after quiz and studied every single day.

After taking over 400 test questions in 3 weeks I felt ready to tackle the NREMT exam. I walked into the testing center on a Thursday and felt comfortable taking each and every question. Unsure how I did, I patiently waited refreshing the NREMT website every 5 minutes. Approximately 4 hours after the completion of my NREMT exam I found out I passed. I was at a loss for words to be honest. I honestly think if it wasn’t for EMTPrep.com that I would still be the guy who could not pass his NREMT exam. I thank everyone who has built and created this website and it is very true when they tell you that they have a 100% pass guarantee. Thank you as I can begin my career as a NREMT Basic and enjoy something that I knew I loved.” – Brandon W.


We’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Brandon. The reason he was successful is simple, he never gave up. Failing this test does not mean you weren’t meant to be an EMT or start your career in the field you're passionate about. Failure is merely a setback. If you have found yourself in Brandon’s shoes, keep your head up. You’ll knock this test out of the park on your next go around. EMTprep often gets asked, “what’s the best way to study for the test?” Here is our best response:

Study your textbook, class notes, and our website. In that order! Our questions are designed to supplement your study time, not be the sole source of it.

DO NOT ask your co-workers, friends, family, or others currently working in the field how they would answer a question. Why? Chances are they’ll state the correct answer for the field. That is not always the case with the NREMT. Since our profession is dynamic and things happen simultaneously on scene, you must remove yourself from the scene and ask yourself, which of these answers comes first on the NREMT practical skill sheets

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