Who is Pearson VUE and What You Should Know Before Showing Up

Pearson VUE is a deliverer of computer-based tests and is a computer-based testing company that began in 1994. They provide anything from online practice tests to proctored exams that require secure testing environments. The company was formed by Clarke Porter, Steve Nordberg, and Kirk Lundeen to create a training services company to help the IT industry serve its learners. The VUE of Pearson VUE stands for Virtual University Enterprises and connects people with authorized certification training. In 1995, the company spread to the Netherlands and Australia. In 2000, Pearson acquired VUE and it became Pearson VUE. In 2001 Pearson also acquired Goal Designs which was a consulting firm in professional certification management. In 2002, they opened Pearson Professional Centers and started giving exams from health care, financial, and other professional markets. In 2003, they received a patent for their unique security design. In 2008, they added digital photo and signature capture at all the test centers as part of their security. In 2009, they introduced a multi-modal platform that allowed each candidate to register for multiple tests and receive results with one registration system. In 2010, they began providing study guides, practice tests, and learning materials globally. In 2011, they began delivering GED tests.

Pearson VUE has multiple accreditations in data security and privacy and information security, along with exam development and delivery. They have testing centers in all 50 states and also on military bases for those who are in the military needing to take a test supplied by Pearson VUE. They are also able to make certain accommodations available such as a separate testing room, extra testing time, or having a reader or recorder depending on your requirements and documented disability. These are typically related to functional limitations such as impaired mobility, loss of a hand which prevents the test taker from writing, typing, or otherwise record answers. In this case you may be able to have a human scribe. There is also a list of things that can be brought in with you if needed such as Epi-pens, glasses, hearing aids, medical alert bracelets, or medical devices. A full list is available on their website, which you can view HERE

In addition to providing testing to candidates, Pearson VUE also provides services such as assistance with developing an exam, test design, content creation, and analysis and measurement to see how the test works. While this may not matter to us now, by having people available to assist with creating exams and evaluating how they work, provides a better idea of how competent those taking the test are. If the test is poorly designed you may not get the information you want out of it, and it may not be effective in testing competencies.

Pearson VUE also provides research on challenges and standards in testing and test creation, as well as certification for professional bodies. They also provide a lot of market expertise in a wide variety of areas, the one being important to us is health care. Pearson VUE works with health care providers to develop exam content and delivery. Pearson VUE provides licensing exams for nurses, EMTs, and doctors from a wide range of countries. They administer the board exams for physicians, pharmacists, and even massage therapists. Their goal is to provide reliable, valid, and legally defensible exams in secure testing centers in order to protect the public.

In summary, Pearson VUE is a company that provides certification exams, test preparation materials, and learning materials for a wide range of occupations all over the world in secure testing centers. They provide computerized adaptive and linear tests and assist in research and creation of tests. For more information on Computer Adaptive Tests check out this article from EMTprep. If you’re curious about the differences between a CAT and CBT exam check out our EMTprep article to learn more. All in order to provide tests and examinations that adequately determine a person’s competency and to ensure that the results are legally defensible. For more information on who Pearson VUE is, their history, and policies, click HERE