Success Stories from Previous Students

Christine's Story:

I've been passionate about EMS since high school. From watching them demonstrate what they do during the Every 15 Minutes program, to having them come help my family in a couple emergency situations, I was inspired! Finally, after graduating from college, I decided to pursue my dream and took an EMT Basic course. I passed, got my state license, and started working for a local company, and I loved it! Around that same time, an opportunity came up for me to pursue my AEMT, so I enrolled in a course, and proceeded with my training.

The class itself was a challenge, but fun! We had lecture twice a week, with a third day scheduled to practice skills. I showed up to class early to study, and stayed late to ask questions, practice skills (especially IVs), and studied for hours outside of class. We had several homework assignments and quizzes following each chapter, as well as a midterm and final in class. Our instructors tested us on our skills frequently. We also had clinicals in both the ambulance and the ER. Making the most of that time was a huge benefit to my education! It was during one of my clinicals that a preceptor recommended EMTPrep to me.

I planned to take the psychomotor and cognitive tests as early as possible after completing my course. The materials were still fresh, and that helped a great deal. Aside from using EMTPrep, I reread through my entire textbook and took notes on each chapter. I studied my notes regularly. I also had study sessions with some of my classmates! EMTPrep was a fantastic supplemental tool to help cement the things I was studying and familiarize myself with the types of questions I'd see on the NREMT. I studied for a month and scheduled my test for the day after my EMTPrep subscription would expire. All of these things helped me to pass my cognitive exam on my first try! The questions were familiar, and actually seemed easier on the NREMT than they were on EMTPrep! I left my test feeling confident in my performance!

Now I'm updating my state licenses and I'm excited to use these added skills in my new scope of practice! Eventually, I hope to take a paramedic course and I'll definitely be coming back to EMTPrep for help studying for that!

Edwin's Story:

It (EMTprep) was very helpful. The way you guys formulate the questions make it easy to ready, and while removing a lot of details from the questions, it give us the essence of the problem and allow us to use critical thinking to answer. I also liked the explanation of the questions, that way we could make further research on the topic or at least have a clear understanding of the case.

I am a 20 year Firefighter/Paramedic veteran. My department gave us the choice to switch from the State License to the NREMT-P license in 2006, but even though I was an experienced 10 year paramedic I did not pass the first time but on the second try (not an easy test).

I retired a few years back, but now, bored and spending too much time in front of the TV, I decided to go back to work, but my paramedic license had already expired and needed to renew it. After a few years not even thinking about paramedic stuff, I knew that to be able to take and pass the test, I would need a very reliable source of study, quick, affordable, to the point and effective. That is how I found EMTPrep.

My experience was very helpful, but without going through your program and studying day and night and going over every single section, it would have been impossible to pass the test the first time. (The test is very different from the 2006 test in the formatting of the questions and now using a computer instead of pencil and paper)

Again, thank you for helping me get back to work.

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