Should You Have a Complaint, Here is What You Do

If you feel that you were unfairly treated during the psychomotor test, or have a complaint about a test, decision, or interaction with an NREMT employee you can submit a complaint within thirty days of the incident. Complaints are submitted by email to You will then receive an email stating that it was received and you will receive status updates regarding your complaint. This is often sent within five business days after the complaint was submitted. At, we have received numerous questions regarding whether or not someone should file a complaint for one reason or another. Our answer is always this, if you feel you have been unfairly treated, then notify the NREMT by email to the email address listed above.

When you submit a complaint you must provide a supporting statement and any supporting documents you have, and it must be within thirty days of the incident. The NREMT has a goal to respond to all complaints swiftly, confidentially, and courteously. Most complaints are resolved within thirty days and you will receive an update if it will take longer than thirty days. Any documentation that is submitted with the complaint will be subject to the NREMT privacy policy. If you lodge a complaint you will not have any punitive or retaliatory actions taken against you and it will not result in a loss of certification. In the past, we have had students come to us and explain how they filed a complaint and were very satisfied with the NREMT’s quick action and communication. If you believe you have grounds for a complaint, notify the NREMT. They will do everything in their power to help you and ensure a fair resolution is reached.

What are some situations in which you would file a complaint? If during a psychomotor exam you feel that you were not given pertinent information, or you were cut off before all of your allotted time, or you were treated unfairly, you can lodge a complaint with the site coordinator before you receive your results. If you feel that this is not appropriately addressed by them then you can register a complaint with the NREMT. If you submit all of your recertification hours and you are denied recertification you can submit a complaint to the NREMT. It’s hard to list out all of the reasons for which you could lodge a complaint. Use your best judgement and feel confident with your decision should you choose to submit a complaint to the NREMT. No organization is perfect and mistakes will happen. At, we can tell you from the limited interactions we have had with students who have sent in complaints, that they were satisfied with the way that the NREMT handled and conducted themselves during the review process.

The NREMT exists to help maintain a level of professionalism in helping obtain and maintain licensure for EMS professionals. They provide links to educational opportunities, pre-hospital care studies, and all of the material on the site is updated frequently. This is just to say that the NREMT wants us to succeed and is not trying to keep us from being able to practice. So if you encounter a problem they are not here to make your life harder. Like any good organization or company, the NREMT wants to know about any issues arising during the course of your education and test taking processes to ensure they can deliver the best product possible to EMS professionals. They will attempt to resolve all issues to the best of their abilities while being impartial. For more information please visit the NREMT’s website: