NREMT Practical Exam Skill Sheets

To qualify and get your EMS national certification, you must pass both the cognitive exam AND the psychomotor exam. Before taking your practical exam, please contact your course instructor to walk you through the steps of scheduling your exam. The reason is, the psychomotor exam is administered by your State EMS Office, not the National Registry, therefore it varies between states how and where you will test, but the information you must present should be the same across the board.

Before signing up for the exam for advanced levels of the practical exam, AEMT and Paramedic, your program director must acknowledge that you have completed your program, certify that you have comprehensive psychomotor knowledge, and you will need to obtain a PATT letter (Psychomotor Authorization to Test). Remember to maintain your PATT number and bring a copy of the letter to the exam.

Below are PDF documents from the National Registry website, giving a comprehensive checklist of each skill presented. Please note that “the following performance checklists are a guide for the verification of required skills. The State EMS Office or training institution may use different forms.” (more information can be found on the NREMT website: