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          Managing gunshot wounds requires a working knowledge of several mechanisms. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body is imperative; the severity of the damage and impacted body structures must be quickly assessed. This assessment also requires knowledge of bullet mechanics as it travels through the human body. Gunshot wounds present different problems for prehospital providers depending on how many bullets made an impact, what part of the body the bullet traveled through, and what type of bullet the firearm ejected.

          A bullet from a gun has a certain amount of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is (0.5)(m)(v2), where m is...

          Kinematics is a branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of objects without references to the forces that cause that motion (PHTLS, 2016). Thus, the kinematics of trauma deals with looking at a trauma scene and attempting to determine what injuries might have resulted from the incident that took place (PHTLS, 2016). Certain injury patterns occur with certain mechanisms of injury; being aware of this allows pre-hospital providers to have high levels of suspicion for certain injuries when responding to a trauma call (PHTLS, 2016).

          A traumatic event consists of three stages: the pre-event, the event, and the post-event (PHTLS,...

Le Fort Fractures

This EMTprep Education Segment reviews Le Fort Fractures and how they're classified. Knowing this information can help you on test questions and in the field when you hear someone refer to it or if you run across a patient suffering from these type of injuries.

All living cells in the human body require oxygen in order to efficiently convert glucose into energy. In order for cells to receive oxygen, there needs to be adequate blood flow throughout the body so that oxygen-rich blood can deliver oxygen to the tissues and cellular respiration can occur. When there is impedance in the bodies’ ability to perfuse blood to the tissues, shock may occur. Shock occurs when there is a circulatory failure throughout the entire body, which results in cellular damage and can lead to multiple organ failures if not treated immediately.

Blood pressure is a major determinate in the perfusion of tissues because there needs to...