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After months of paramedic school, clinicals, internship, and training, it was official, I had been deemed competent to be the lead paramedic of an ALS ambulance. The NREMT, State of California, and my employer had given me their blessing with full confidence that I was ready to take on whatever came my way. There was only one problem – I wasn’t.

Sure, I’d checked every box and passed every test. I had graduated from a top-tier paramedic program in the upper part of my class. Shoot, my internship preceptor had even given his stamp of approval (he wasn’t an easy one to please). Most calls I could handle well enough but there were those few that would...

“I had absolutely no experience in EMS. I took a certified class as required by the NREMT and found EMTprep out of the blue.  Now I'm an integral part of my EMS organization and on the track to be an emergency department tech and have already started studying for the next level of care, AEMT.  I highly recommend EMTprep to anyone who thinks they don’t have what it takes. That’s what I thought, and now I am certified.  Never stop learning!” –Corey B.


Congratulations Corey! Corey passed on his first attempt at the NREMT. 

EMS personnel are exposed to a number of different situations on the job that can deeply affect their mental health and well-being. Caring for the needs of others in emergency situations can put a large amount of stress on someone, especially having to do it multiple times in one day. To add to that, EMS personnel also deal with irregular schedules, lack of sleep or disruptions of their sleep, and irregular eating schedules, all of which can add on to the already mounting levels of stress. It is important for each person working in the healthcare field to understand the effects of stress and be able to recognize and deal with it as it comes up during...

As an EMS provider, you are committing to a career of caring for the sick and injured in some of the worst possible situations. It is a very gratifying career, yet it is also very demanding. There is no doubt why EMS jobs are considered to be one of the most stressful career paths. Oftentimes EMS personnel do not get an adequate amount of sleep or eat properly. They are exposed to numerous stressful situations and are required to do a lot of strenuous lifting and moving. Therefore, it is extremely important for EMS personnel to maintain a healthy lifestyle both on and off the job to ensure a long-lasting career. 

Maintaining good physical health...