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Training Categorized: Operations

Landing Zone (LZ) setup

In this video, we ask our staff Flight Medic what you need to know in the field and on the NREMT for setting up and managing a proper landing zone (LZ). Always follow your local protocols.

Chest Seal Placement

A quick overview of commercially available chest seal devices. Remember to always follow your local protocols. If using this as a study aid for the NREMT, remember that you will most likely be questioned on the 3-sided chest seal device that the instructor mentions in the video.

Wound Packing

This video reviews the proper way to pack a wound when a tourniquet is not an option. Injuries to the axilla, neck, and groin are reviewed.

           In this article, we are going to discuss what Ebola is, how it is spread, how we prevent its spread, and how we treat it in the field. A few years ago there was an Ebola outbreak that caused widespread panic and in order to combat this panic, we want to educate ourselves on how this happens and what we can do about it. There is still a lot of research that is being done on Ebola to determine how to best combat it, cure it, prevent it, and reduce its effects on us.

            Ebola is the name for a combination of 4 viruses that infect humans, one virus strain that affects primates and pigs, and one virus strain that isn’t fully understood...