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Training Categorized: Neurology

Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA or Stroke)

Over the last decade, EMS has seen a huge push in the industry to rapidly identify and treat the signs and symptoms of strokes. Similar to how materials on early recognition of cardiac arrest and impending cardiac arrest patients has seen large advancements, the AHA is also educating the public on what to look for when someone is having a stroke. The goal of this study guide is to supplement the education our EMTprep.com memberships provide that test EMT, AEMT, EMT-I, and Paramedic students.

We’ve said this in other study guides, but it is worth repeating: the brain requires sugar, oxygen, and a pump to...

Seizure Study Guide

At EMTprep.com, all of our employees work in the EMS field. Unanimously, they felt like seizures were one of the topics that EMTs and Paramedics make a lot of mistakes with their terminology. It is our opinion that when people make errors in terminology, it is often the result of having forgotten much of they learned on the subject. Our hope with this guide is to remind all of you what you may have forgotten over the years, and also deepen your knowledge on the subject of seizures in general. Whether you are preparing for the NREMT exam, an EMS employment exam, or just brushing up on your EMS knowledge, the information contained in...