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Med Math 101: The Basics Everyone Should Know

Trust us, you need to know this stuff…

The Units of Measurement

In the EMS setting, we worry about three metric units of measurement…

  1. Grams (g) – weight
  2. Meters (m) – distance
  3. Liters (L or l) – volume

Attached to these units of measurement will be one of the following…

  1. Kilo – one thousand (1,000)
  2. Centi – one hundredth (.01)
  3. Milli – one thousandth (.001)
  4. Micro – one millionth (.000001)

Now let’s combine the two…

  • Kilogram (kg)
  • Gram (g)
  • Milligram (mg)
  • Microgram (mcg)
  • Centimeter (cm)
  • Liter (L)
  • Milliliter (ml)

Metric System Practice Problems

Tip: If you’re going from a smaller unit to a larger unit, move the decimal point to the left.

  1. Milligrams to Grams (move the decimal 3 points to the left)
  • 740mg = .740g
  • 2mg = .002g
  • 100mg = .1g
  1. Grams to Kilograms (move the decimal 3 points to the left)