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Training Categorized: Medical

This EMTprep video reviews how to take and record a SAMPLE medical history.

This video provides a brief overview of what is happening on the cellular level when someone is experiencing anaphylaxis. We also go over what to look for when you respond to someone who is experiencing this life-threatening disorder.

This video will walk you through the basics of pitting edema and how to grade it during the patient assessment.

All living cells in the human body require oxygen in order to efficiently convert glucose into energy. In order for cells to receive oxygen, there needs to be adequate blood flow throughout the body so that oxygen-rich blood can deliver oxygen to the tissues and cellular respiration can occur. When there is impedance in the body's ability to perfuse blood to the tissues, shock may occur. Shock is the result of circulatory failure throughout the entire body, which results in cellular damage and can lead to multiple organ failure if not treated immediately.

Blood pressure is a major determinate in the perfusion of tissues because there needs to be...