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Every 5 years we get an update to the CPR guidelines courtesy of the AHA. Some years, we see minor changes and other times we see major changes like we did in 2010 where the A-B-C sequence was completely rearranged to C-A-B. We saw an emphasis placed on early compressions for the lay rescuer. This has, at times, led to some confusion amongst healthcare workers. Our goal with this study guide is to bring clarification to the 2015 AHA CPR Guidelines and describe any differences between lay rescuers and healthcare providers.

It should be mentioned that all of the information in this study guide was gleaned from the “Highlights of the 2015 AHA Guidelines...

Making Sense of the NREMT Practical Skill Examination Changes

In an effort to make the practical skill check offs more realistic and applicable, the NREMT is changing the way it verifies competency. Currently, each level of student (EMR, EMT, AEMT, Paramedic), must pass roughly 12 isolated skills to demonstrate their competency and proficiency in the psychomotor portion of the NRP exam. Starting in January of 2017, the NREMT will begin Phase 1 of their new scenario NRP psychomotor exam. During Phase 1, the NREMT will have paramedic students take a test consisting of 5 skills that are currently evaluated in the NRP psychomotor examination and 1...

Top 5 Most Essential NREMT Test Day Tips

We’re Not Presenting Rocket Science Here

  •   Let’s be honest, you’re probably here because you’re nervous about your upcoming NREMT exam
  • Being nervous is 100% okay!
  •   It’s what we do with that nervous energy that matters

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Let’s Get Started, Here is Tip #1

  • Always choose the MOST correct...