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Training Categorized: Cardiology

Frank-Starlings Law Explained

In this video, we review Starlings Law, otherwise known as the Frank-Starling Mechanism.

Blood Flow Through the Heart Animation

This video shows you how blood flows through the heart, out to the body, and back from the lungs. Having a strong sense of cardiac A&P is critical if you're studying for the NREMT and NCLEX exams.

Monophasic vs Biophasic EMS Monitors

In this video, we discuss the major differences between monophasic monitors and biphasic monitors.

Static Cardiology Scenarios #1

Our video reviews what the Paramedic student can expect to see on test day during their NREMT practical exam.


This video is specifically provided by EMTprep to assist Members in preparing for the NREMT exam and related skills sheets and for no other purpose. NREMT study aids and resources provided by EMTprep are not intended to provide training for life saving techniques, emergency response training, or any other type of medical training.