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Cardiac Tamponade Study Guide

In EMS, chest pain and chest injuries are some of the most critical and time-sensitive patients we encounter. Cardiac Tamponade is no different.

What is it?

  • Cardiac tamponade is a buildup of fluid in the pericardial sac that surrounds the heart which impairs the heart’s ability to contract and the ventricles to fill normally. When the ventricles are not allowed to fill as they want, we see a decrease in stroke volume, a drop in cardiac output, and visible signs of shock.
  • A series of events occur once the pericardium begins to fill with fluid:
    • 1) The fluid around the heart begins compressing the wall of...

Top 5 Most Essential NREMT Test Day Tips

We’re Not Presenting Rocket Science Here

  •   Let’s be honest, you’re probably here because you’re nervous about your upcoming NREMT exam
  • Being nervous is 100% okay!
  •   It’s what we do with that nervous energy that matters

Who We Are & Why It Matters

  •   We have helped tens of thousands of students pass their NREMT exams
  • Getting students past this test and into their careers is our company’s deepest passion
  • We want you to succeed. Plain and simple
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Let’s Get Started, Here is Tip #1

  • Always choose the MOST correct...