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Training Categorized: Cardiac

Beck's Triad

This video reviews the three components of Beck's Triad: low blood pressure, distended neck veins, and muffled heart tones. These components should lead you to suspect cardiac tamponade.

Cardiac Tamponade

Reading 12-Lead ECG's

In this video, we look at the 8 steps to interpreting 12-lead ECGs.

Case 1 - Acute M.I. - Reading 12-Lead ECGs

We review a STEMI case involving an anterolateral MI. Watch as we walk through the 8 steps to interpreting a 12-lead ECG, then go over our findings with us.

EKGs for EMTs

This video dives into 4 important ECG rhythms every EMT should be aware of. While treatment of these rhythms is out of the scope of practice for the EMT, it is important to be aware of their significance. This is a great video for EMT's who are planning on attending AEMT or Medic school. As always, follow your local protocols.