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Training Categorized: Cardiac

Frank-Starlings Law Explained

In this video, we review Starlings Law, otherwise known as the Frank-Starling Mechanism.

What is chest recoil, and why is it so important?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most fundamental skills for any EMS provider to know and perform well. It is the crux of emergency medicine, and is a truly straightforward physiologic principle: pump for the heart when it fails to do so for itself.

The rules of CPR are simple: pump hard and fast. The recommended rate of compressions is 100-120 beats/min, and the recommended depth when doing compressions on an adult is one third the depth of the chest. By doing this, the provider performing compressions is able to continuously move blood throughout the body by forcibly pushing...

Blood Flow Through the Heart Animation

This video shows you how blood flows through the heart, out to the body, and back from the lungs. Having a strong sense of cardiac A&P is critical if you're studying for the NREMT and NCLEX exams.

Monophasic vs Biophasic EMS Monitors

In this video, we discuss the major differences between monophasic monitors and biphasic monitors.