Welcome to the NREMT information page

First, congratulations. You’re here because you’re nearing the end of your classroom time and you’re getting prepared to take the NREMT test or your state certification exam.

Currently, there are 46 states that have adopted the NREMT exam for one or more of their certification exams (NREMT.org, 2015). However, if you’ve landed at EMTprep.com because you’re studying for a state certification test, rest assured our online test preparation product will help you ace your test. We will also stand by our 100% Pass Guarantee for all customers regardless of whether they’re preparing for the NREMT test or state certification exams.

With over 1,000,000 EMS professionals operating in some form or fashion in the U.S.A alone, we’re excited to help you achieve your career goals. The question still remains, how do I prepare for the NREMT exam? There are a lot of myths and misnomers surrounding all aspects of the NREMT. We hope that this page will serve as a resource to help squash some of those rumors and instead empower you to help you ace your NREMT exam or state certification test.

One of the most intimidating facts about the NREMT test is the fact that it is computer based. Around the mid 2000’s the NREMT switched from a linear pencil and paper based test to a computer-based exam. Through Person-Vue testing centers, the NREMT has been delivering hundreds of thousands of exams. The NREMT exam is now a CAT exam. CAT stands for Computer Adaptive Test. This means that as you progress through the exam, the questions will progressively become more difficult until you have proven to the computer that you’ve mastered any certain portion of the test.

General information about the NREMT exams for EMR, AEMT, EMT-I99, and Paramedic levels

You can locate an exam HERE

The NREMT will test you mainly on adult populations, 85% of the test will cover adult and geriatric patient care related content. 15% of the NREMT EMR exam will focus on pediatric patient care related content.

What happens if you fail the test? The NREMT gives you three attempts to pass your EMR exam. After an unsuccessful attempt, you will receive an email containing feedback on your failing score. You have to wait 15 days to retest after your last examination before you can reschedule your next test.

Lets discuss some specifics about the test format itself:

  • CAT or computer adaptive testing is a state-of-the-art way to certify individuals in a variety of different fields. The NREMT states that CAT “is the most accurate and fair evaluation technology available.”
  • CAT will reportedly adapt to each students ability level.
  • Unlike most exams, there aren’t a correct number of questions the student needs to get correct in order to pass the NREMT test. Instead, the CAT determines whether or not you’re competent based off the way you answer each question. The NREMT has weighted characteristics of their questions answers.
  • The NREMT has already determined what competency look like to them based off the way they develop their questions answers. The results of your exam are “measured against a predetermined competency level” (NREMT.org, 2015).
  • According to the NREMT there are three reasons why your exam will end:
    1. “Your ability has been accurately determined”
    2. “You have received the maximum number of items”
    3. “You have run out of time” time that you need to prepare for this exam. Remember, only you know how well prepared you are to answer any and all questions the NREMT could throw at you. Let that motivate you to be prepared to handle whatever is thrown your way on test day.